Account Rules

Account Rules

Account Rules


Site rules are enforced strictly for the good of the entire community. Rules exist to ensure fair yet enjoyable play. Rule breaking is intolerable. Sanctions must ensue when rules are broken to ensure game integrity. Please follow the rules and you will always be a welcome part of the TonybetPoker family.


  • Eighteen is the minimum playing age. Players may have to provide proof of age before granted account access
  • Residential jurisdiction must permit TonybetPoker play.
  • Only one TonybetPoker account per individual.
  • Only the account creator may access and play on account.


  • TonybetPoker accepts no responsibility for the quality of your Internet connection.
  • TonybetPoker is responsible only for its own server disruptions.
  • Information between your computer and our servers will pass through a large number of "peers” on the internet, machines that are not owned by Tonybetpoker and that do not belong to your ISP. TonybetPoker cannot be held responsible for disruptions to such connections.
  • Players should consider having a back-up internet connection available to ensure rapid reconnection.


  • Collusion, defined as two or more players working together to gain an unfair advantage over other players, is strictly prohibited.
  • Chip dumping – intentionally losing a hand to benefit another, is taboo.
  • If you are involved in staking, swaps, profit-sharing, or any bankroll sharing agreement with another player, you may not play at the same cash game table or in the same Sit & Go tournament as that player.
  • TonybetPoker reserves the right to examine players’ accounts and play to prevent unethical and impermissible activity.
  • Using prohibited software programs while signed on to TonybetPoker warrants player expulsion or other sanctions. Our list of prohibited programs may be amended at any time without notice.
  • Unfair play may result in severe penalties, including warnings, player restrictions, monetary seizure, and account closure.
  • TonybetPoker has full authority to issue sanctions against any player, at its sole discretion, for real or perceived player rule infractions. Although players may appeal decisions, TonybetPoker decisions are final.


  • TonybetPoker does not actively monitor chat. TonybetPoker is not responsible for verbal remarks and their real or perceived consequences. Use chat at your own risk.
  • Only English-language chat is acceptable, with the exception of Anglicized and recognized poker terms and words such as “merci.”
  • People who chat in a way that violates public decorum risk sanctions from TonybetPoker. Follow this rule: If you would say it in a face-to-face poker game and would expect trouble, don’t say it.
  • You may not commit slander or libel against TonybetPoker. If it is untrue or you are uncertain of the truth, do not say it.
  • You may not use the chat feature to promote any product or service.
  • Flooding – using copious or meaningless text to interrupt chat – may warrant sanctions.
  • Comments that may affect play are strictly prohibited.
  • Report any problem chat immediately to [email protected]. Tonybetpoker may suspend the chat privileges of rule violators.


  • TonybetPoker is not responsible for consequences resulting from unauthorized account access and other security breaches. Players must remain cognizant of malicious software and protect their passwords at all times.
  • Tonybetpoker cannot be held liable for any losses that result from a breach of security on your machine.
  • You may at any time, at your discretion, choose to exclude yourself from using any services provided on the Website by following these instructions. Such exclusion can be made either permanently or temporary. Information on self-exclusion may be found within the “Profile” page when logged in, or by contacting our support team by telephone +370 700 33309. During the exclusion period, you will not be able to open or use your TonyBet account. We would like to urge you, that if you continue to gamble during any period of self-exclusion (form ourselves or other operators) that you seek urgent professional help.
  • You may at anytime determine your one deposit limits based on a maximum daily, weekly or monthly deposit limit. A request to increase an existing deposit limit will not be affected until 7 days after the relevant request is made.
  • When setting up your Tonybet account you may choose to impose a ceiling on the maximum losses you may make. The limit will block deposits if the net deposit limit (deposits-withdrawals) has been exceeded for the selected time period. In addition to the preceding we offer additional limitation measures that can be found on Profile page.


  • The following precautions will help keep your private information secure:
  • Never share your online account.
  • Do not use the same password for more than one account.
  • Do not divulge personal information about your account INCLUDING PASSWORDS to anyone – even people who claim to be from customer service or security.
  • Do not write down your password or save it on your computer.
  • Do not send your password to anyone or communicate it by telephone, e-mail or instant messaging.
  • Do not leave your computer unattended while logged on to your account.
  • Change passwords regularly, especially when there is suspicion they may have been compromised.
  • Do not use the same passwords for your operation systems and software/accounts passwords.
  • To make a secure password, make it alpha-numeric.
  • Make your password as random as possible, but easy for you to remember.
  • Keep your anti-virus software up-to-date.
  • Make sure your firewall is secure.
  • Avoid logging in to your TonyBet account on public computers – e.g. libraries, internet cafes, etc.
  • Always keep your OS, browser, and plugins up-to-date.


  • Use both upper and lowercase letters and try to include at least 1 number.
  • Passwords should be a minimum of 8 characters.
  • Do not use obvious words or your personal user information such as your first or last name.
  • Do not use passwords that match the format of your birthday, telephone numbers, or other common numbers people may be able to guess.
  • Do not use a password that reflects you username in any way.


  • Your account may have been compromised if:
  • There have been changes to your account details that you didn't commit, such as your e-mail, home address or phone number.
  • There has been activity within your account that was not done by you. This could include deposits or withdrawals or bets placed.
  • You have received an email notification of a password change without any action by you.
  • If any of the above listed events have happened to your account, please change your password immediately and contact TonyBet customer support service.



  • To protect your personal data during communication with your web browser, the company uses secure and tested encryption technology.
  • Online transactions continue to be protected by our cashier providers and our internal security encryption system.


  • When transferring money from your Tonybet account to your credit card, bank account or any other payment processor, we want to be absolutely sure that it is you who receives the money. In order to prevent fraud we kindly ask you to provide us a copy of your official photographic identification. You can upload a scanned copy of this document during the registration process.



  • Your online transaction security is one of our most significant concerns.
  • All information transmitted online is encrypted using advanced logarithm combinations. All communication between you and TonyBet is also encrypted to the maximum strength supported by your browser using 256 Bit SSL encryption.


  • TonyBet uses the 256 bit Secure Socket Layout (SSL) encryption software. This system ensures that all the information provided by you in the TonyBet online forms, such as payment details is automatically protected. We secure your private information using Godaddy SSL Certificates.


  • The “Card not present” transactions are automatically protected by your credit card provider. You have the right to dispute a transaction if you believe your card has been used fraudulently. To provide you with extra security on your online transactions, we also support online authentication protocols, Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.


The following tools and services are taboo. The TonybetPoker application will block your play when you have these applications opened while playing OFC: Playwarren

If you suspect any player of using a prohibited program, please send an email to [email protected] and we will investigate.


  • All Tonybetpoker games use a standard 52-card poker deck It is shuffled before the start of each hand and every time a new round of cards is dealt.
  • The Cardroom Rules are intended to complement the Terms and Conditions, not replace them. Rule discrepancies will be resolved by giving certain rules precedence, as follows:
  1. CardRoom Rules vs. Terms and Conditions (T & C): T & C Precedence
  2. CardRoom Rules vs. Tournament Rules: Tournament Rules Precedence
  3. CardRoom Rules vs. Rings Games Rules: Rings Games Precedence
  • Tonybetpoker reserves the right to alter the Cardroom Rules, Tournament Rules, Ring Games Rules, or Terms and Conditions at any time, without prior notice.
  • Tonybetpoker reserves the right to issue any sanctions available when players break any of the foregoing rules..

TonybetPoker management works tirelessly to ensure an equal and fair playing field. Therefore, management decisions are always final. Players may not appeal to any other authority.