Open Face Chinese Poker Gameplay

Main Elements of the OFC Poker Game


Open Face Chinese Poker is a fun and an exciting game enjoyed by both professional and amateur poker players around the globe. Whether you are an OFCP novice or an old pro, reviewing the game rules can help you experience greater success and enjoyment with this interactive site. The objective of the game is to win as many points from opponent(s) as possible by acquiring the most advantageous hand or by scoring royalties (if applicable).


Players must acquire the strongest hand to beat others and collect the most units.


Players arrange thirteen cards into three poker hands. The hands are arranged from weakest to strongest (except for Pineapple 2-7). The weakest hand (top hand) is three cards. The strong hand (middle hand) is five cards. The strongest hand (bottom hand) is five cards. However, this hand ranking rule does not apply to Pineapple 2-7, in which the bottom hand needs to be the strongest out of all three hands, the top hand needs to be weaker than the bottom hand, and the middle hand needs to be the weakest out of all three. The game is designed for two-four players and stakes are variable.

OFC is not played per individual hand, but per complete round. The number of hands per round equals the number of players at the table. The game uses a button to determine each player’s position. Every player gets the button once in every round. The button does not move during fantasyland, however. Fantasyland is part of the preceding hand.

*Please note that every round has a cap of 20 hands.

The player left of the button acts first during each hand. Play continues clockwise until all players have acted. All players must play a complete round of the game.

Round One

Starting with position one, players are successively dealt five cards face up. One player must arrange cards into three hands before cards are dealt to other players. Players have full authority to arrange cards at will. For subsequent rounds, there are several variations of the game, which are listed as follows:

OFC Classic

One card per round is dealt face up until each player acquires 13 cards. Players skillfully position the card in to one of their three hands.

OFC Pineapple and Pineapple 2-7

Three cards per round are dealt face down. Players discard one card per round until they have 13 cards. Players skillfully position the two remaining cards into one or two their three hands.

OFC Turbo

Four face up cards are dealt until players have 13 cards. Players skillfully position them at will into their three hands.

The process for all game variations repeats until all players have thirteen total cards and a complete Chinese Poker hand. Once players position their cards and finish their turn, they can no longer move cards between hands.